Comh is here to make dealing with mental wellness easier. We believe that mental wellness should be private and secure.

We believe that data will be the most important way to take control of mental wellness and we put it in your hands.

We encourage change by taking a step back and admitting where we are wrong and how can we grow.

- Conor Organ, CEO

Safety is one of human's most basic needs. Feeling safe in your home, your street and inside - your own head - is important.

In a time where everything we do is influenced by other people and their perception of us and our actions. A place where we can call our own, away from prying eyes, to check in and understand our feelings is important.

Be independent of the good opinion of others
- Abraham Maslow

Comh allows you to check in on your thoughts and feelings by allowing you to jot them down into a safe space to reflect on at a later stage.

We Promise:

How we are Different:

Check in to Check Out - Get your thoughts out of your head and into a safe space to reflect on later.

Your Privacy is Important to Us - Everything you check into Comh is encrypted, which only you can access. We are commited to keeping your safe space yours.